On this page you would like to try out a cover design of the computer. You design the cover yourself on your computer. Just choose the cover that will be the background color, and testing with the image you want

We recommend you choose simple images, such as logos, which combined with the background color you have chosen

It is best to upload GIF or PNG images with transparent background. This allows you to see only the silhouette you want. If you upload JPG images, you will always see the bottom of the image. If you do not know the format conversion, do not worry, we'll do it for you. The only condition is that the bottom is flat (single color)

The images have to be free of copyright (copyright)

Cover color:

Upload an image:

If you want an image that fills the space required to occupy at least 1100 pixels wide and 1100 pixels high to get a good impression on methacrylate

The smaller images will be adjusted at the top-left. You can then move the mouse to inhabited or with just the help of arrows that appear on the display